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My first meeting with Maria and Tim was back in January. By the time we had all finished our coffees, I had heard the sweet story of how they met (I’m a real sucker for those stories), seen a photo of Maria’s dress, and made the most inappropriate joke of all time (which they graciously let pass). But back to their meeting. Tim was working at the merch table for his friends’ band, which happened to be touring the prairie town where Maria is from. After their first date, Tim told his friends “She’s going to be my girlfriend. Maria told hers “I’m going to marry him.”

Fast forward to their vintage-glam celebration in Toronto’s Distillery District. These two are such a delightful compliment to each other that it was a pleasure to be a part of their special day. The band that Tim was shilling t-shirts and cds for back when he met Maria is Crush Luther, and Luther himself was Tim’s best man. During the ceremony at Arta Gallery, he performed a song he had written specially for Tim and Maria. Other highlights of the day included Maria’s nine-foot veil (seriously, the girl looks like she stepped out of a 1930’s movie!), Tim’s champagne debacle, a hilarious bridal party, the most beautiful Rolls Royce, and a delicious dinner at The Boiler House. Tim and Maria, (Stream and Tornado), I wish you all the best in what will continue to be your awesome life together.

Ceremony Venue: Arta Gallery / Reception Venue: Boiler House/ Wedding coordinator: Shima Palma / Florist: Jackie O / Music: Luther Mallory /